"A Taste of the Bayou Country"

History Of Buddy's

Buddy's Cajun Spice
men cooking over an open fire with buddys cajun spice

Many people have asked where and how this all began.  The first thing that comes to mind is “in my mama’s kitchen”. 

When I was a very young boy, I loved to watch my mama cook.  She cooked every day, 3 meals a day, and 7 days a week.  My dad was a lineman for the power company and would come home for lunch most days.   There was always a hot meal on the table.

I was always in my mama’s feet.  I just wanted to help her any way I could.  I wanted to learn!  I would get so excited when she would allow me to stir the pot.  I was in hog heaven when she allowed me to chop something up.

As this obsession grew, I began to take note when she was planning to be out of the house.  It was my chance to test the skills I learned by watching.  I would make my plans and wait for her to leave.  One of her favorite stories was when she would come home early and catch me cooking red wing blackbirds in her oven!  She would swear that I was cooking them with their feathers on!  I could listen to her tell that story 1000 times and still smile and shake my head until she finished.

Therefore, I blame my mama for this passion for cooking.  My mama is 88 years old this year and I cook Sunday lunch with her every week.  I look forward to this time cooking with her and feel I still have so much to learn.   However this may be, my uncle was my inspiration.  Uncle Junius “Mac” Mcjimsey, “Big Mac” to his friends, loved to cook.  Moreover, he did so in a “BIG” way and always cooked for good causes. 

Being a Radiation Therapist, I cook for many events.   Most events help to fund cancer research projects and in turn give so much back to our community.  I developed Buddy’s Cajun Spice for the many jambalaya cook-offs I was asked to cook for.  My jambalaya was good; in fact, it was the best.  Folks just couldn’t figure out what it was that made it different.  I have given away over 8,000 servings since then and every one seasoned with my secret blend of Cajun spices.  Buddy’s Cajun Spice is now available everywhere and folks are switching to a healthier way of cooking.  Friends, family, and patients have all encouraged me to push forward with my endeavors to cook, so forward I push.  There’s a storm brewing y’all and so much more to come!​