Multiple Men cooking over an open fire using Buddy's Cajun Spice

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Prauns, shrimps and veggies being prepped with Buddy' Cajun Spice

Some of Buddy's Products

  • Buddy’s Cajun Spice 4
  • Buddy’s Cajun Spice 12
  • Cajun Chili Mix 4
  • Cajun Chili Mix 12
  • Salt Free Cajun Spice 4
  • Salt Free Cajun Spice 12
  • “Mo Peppa” Cajun Spice 4
  • “Mo Peppa” Cajun Spice 12
  • Beaucoup Garlic Cajun Spice 4
  • Beaucoup Garlic Cajun Spice 12

Buddy’s Cajun Spice


Delicious Shrimp and Grits meal cooked using Buddy's Cajun Spice


Many people have asked where and how this all began.  The first thing that comes to mind is “in my momma’s kitchen”.  

Buddy cooking at the stove with Buddy's Cajun Spice Product
Buddy's Cajun Spice in front of a museum in France

Learn to cook Cajun Potato Au Gratin​, Buddy’s Cajun Rib Eye With Mixed Greens, Mushrooms, And Garlic Asian Dressing​...

Buddy's Cajun Spice

"A Taste of the Bayou Country"

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